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Experienced Corporate Mailing Service Personnel

We value your business, therefore we will assign you an account manager that is available to answer questions. Upon your request, our experienced direct marketing personnel will also be available to visit your office for consultations and clarify your issues. Your assigned account manager leads a highly qualified and committed team of in-house support specialists to support your every need. Your account executive and support team will have full online access to your account, standing orders, databases and particular policies related to your account. This enables the specialized unit to promptly modify or improve your CorpComCloud account.

  • Assigned List ManagersCorpComCloud software users have an assigned list manager for intensive data entry, writing complex selection queries and execution of operations using our merge/purge and postal discount software. Your List Manager also provides telephone help desk support for our CorpComCloud software.
  • Fulfillment Specialists – The lead person provides hands-on fulfillment for your literature requests. They are familiar with your documents, insertion sequence preferences and inventory balances.
  • Fax / E-mail Transmission Managers– These specialists receive your inbound file transfers and documents for transmission when you want us to initiate the broadcast. Alternatively, you may initiate your own broadcasts 24×7 from your PC’s web browser using CorpComCloud’s Impact Email and fax broadcast engines.
  • Call Center Operators – Clients using our 1-800 call center and computer telephony applications are assigned a primary operator for call reception with backup from other operators and programmers. Your primary operator is trained to be familiar with your documents, publication dates, calendars for annual reports and quarterly financials and your preferences for the forwarding of key calls to appropriate members of your company.
  • Programmers – Although we do not assign programmers to specific accounts, professional programmers provide custom modifications for our web-based Fulfillment Link services, CorpComCloud database structures and complex list processing tasks. Various procedures include HTML coding assignments, link changes, and database layout changes.
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