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Postage Consulting

Complex U.S. Postal Service regulations offer both opportunities and pitfalls. Our account representatives are well versed in classes of mail, postal logistics, sortation requirements, and permits. Let us know your mailing or postal questions and we’ll tell you about the trade-offs of delivery time versus cost. When needed, we work directly with our Postal Service reps to determine the answers to complex postal situations.

Postal Guidance and Acceptance

Postal regulations are ever-changing. We’ll advise you on envelopes, weight, tabbing, regulations, permit numbers, mail policies, delivery dates, and the best postal classification to use for maximum savings and meet postal regulations.

Postal Software

Postage expense is typically the largest cost component of a mailing and we help you get the biggest savings possible. We invest in the highest-rated, USPS certified postal processing software to give you the deepest discounts, best acceptance rate and quick delivery.

Address Correction for the Fastest Delivery and Best Discounts
Address correction software appends the latest ZIP+4 and carrier route codes and standardizes addresses to postal regulations to ensure mail delivery. Our fully CASS certified, PAVE* Gold certified and Intelligent Mail barcode software is approved by the U.S. Postal Service and is updated every sixty days for optimal delivery accuracy. This insures that you meet USPS standards for address verification, ZIP+4 coding accuracy, barcode quality and postal presort sequence.
CASS: Coding Accuracy Support System
This USPS program tests the accuracy of the mailing software in applying Zip+4 coding, five-digit zip code coding and carrier route coding. The software we use also has the highest ranking in CASS certification. The CASS certified addresses are then run through our Presort software or Automation Mail software to place the mail in sequence for the best discounts.
PAVE: Presort Accuracy, Validation, and Evaluation
This USPS program is used to test and rate software used for presort processing. We use one of the highest rated programs. Our PAVE certified Presort software is used in both First Class and Standard Mail. It sorts the address file to inkjet the mail pieces in proper sequence for bundling and placing in mail trays. We label, sleeve and strap the sequenced mail into bundles before delivery to the post office.
Intelligent Mail Barcode
This current generation of USPS barcode technology sorts and tracks letters and flats. Intelligent Mail Barcode technology, among other things, combines the capabilities of the POSTNET barcode and the PLANET Code barcode into one unique barcode for tracking.
First Class and Standard Mail
First Class is the traditional mail we all know for letters and statements, typically delivered in one, two or three days. For faster delivery at an extra charge Priority Mail and Express Mail is available. Standard Mail, previously named Bulk Mail, is less expensive and usually provides delivery in five to ten days. All Standard Mail must be presorted and must have at least 200 pieces in the mailing. Standard mail may not be used for statements, personalized letters or hand-written mail. Standard mail must have proper ZIP codes and must be delivered to the Post Office in sleeved and strapped trays or on wrapped pallets.
Presort Discounts
Presort applies to both First Class and Standard Mail. Using our PAVE-certified presort software we sort the file for inkjet addressing your mail pieces in proper sequence. An additional discount is available for pieces that may be batched into identical three-digit and five-digit ZIP code matches.
Automation Mail: Obtain Lower Postage Rates
Automation Mail is also available for both First Class and Standard Mail. Automation mail must be run through CASS software, have delivery point barcodes, contain at least 200 pieces, must be trayed, sleeved and strapped and delivered to an acceptance-point post office with the necessary paperwork. Corporate Communication Center handles all the complex procedures needed to place your file in proper sequence and batches for the lowest cost First Class Automation, Standard Automation, Nonprofit and Bulk Mail Center mail.
Enhanced Carrier Route (ECR) Appending: Even Lower Postage Rates
Our postal software appends the carrier route data necessary to expand the barcoding needed for Carrier Route discounts. Carrier Route requires that your mailing must have a minimum number of deliveries on each mail carrier’s route. It must be sorted in the order that it will be delivered and the savings depend on the ZIP code density of the mailing and the number of qualifying pieces. Carrier route discounts are available for both First Class and Standard Mail, subject to the requirements stated above.
National Change of Address (NCOA)
Your file is run through a U.S. Postal Service certified national database of changes of address. The most current address information is applied to names that match, thus reducing your undeliverable mail. The NCOA process will save both mailing and postage expense because it reduces duplicates and eliminates undeliverable names prior to the mailing.
Indicia Mail: Use Your Permit Number or Our Permit Number
“Permit Printing Indicia” involves the printing of a permit number in a USPS prescribed format on your mail piece instead of using stamps or postage meter imprint. If you do not have a permit number, we can arrange for you to use a Corporate Communication Center permit number on your mail piece. We can offset print your envelopes, cards or brochures to include the permit number. If your envelopes or mailing piece is preprinted we can inkjet print the permit number at the same time we print the outbound address.

Direct Mail Consulting

Let Us Help You Improve Campaign Results

You want your direct mail to have an impact on readers, but you also want it to go through the mail preparation and USPS stages quickly and economically. Call us in the early stages of planning your direct mail campaign and we will give you advice on the proper envelope and card sizes required by the Post Office. Also, you’ll want the highest level of automation possible, so we can guide you on envelope design and insert dimensions for compatibility with high-speed mechanized inserters. Choices of fonts, background reflectivity of addresses, address alignment, and paper stock can all affect the success of a mailing and our account representatives will provide immediate, expert advice.

When Speed Matters

We can help you with your same-day mass mailing project.