Open enrollment mailings

When Speed Matters

Open Enrollment Mailings

2020 is here, and with it comes open enrollment. Business owners and human resources (HR) leaders across the country are scrambling to make sure their staff is properly educated and prepared to enroll in the benefits they want.  Corporate Communications Center is here to help!

Corporate Communications Center provides the accuracy and attention to detail you need to deliver printed benefit information to your employee population. Our automated mail facility in Dallas completes necessary addressing, postal discount processing, folding, inserting, packet assembly, metering and can deliver your mailing to the U.S. Postal Service. A dedicated account manager is assigned to manage every deadline and detail of your mailing quickly and accurately.

Second-to-None Open Enrollment Mailings

With extensive experience in healthcare, insurance, and financial industries, Corporate Communications Center has the experience you can trust. Our streamlined service delivers open enrollment materials and required forms to your employee population with care and security. We have the expertise to ensure that all the components are properly matched, assembled, and inserted for each employee.

We can assist with a structured communication plan to that is designed to reach employees efficiently and accurately.

Our services include:

  • List processing and correction
  • Mass Mailings to Employees
  • Poster Printing
  • Benefit Guide Printing and Distribution
  • Email Broadcast reminders
  • Open Enrollment Materials Design
  • Account management with a Trusted Expert

Open Enrollment programs can be a daunting task even for experienced HR professionals.  We offer free consultations to help get your program on track fast!

When Speed Matters

We can help you with your same-day mass mailing project.