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Email Marketing

Grow Your Business With Our Email Marketing and Broadcast Services

Email marketing campaigns are easy to integrate with direct mail programs using our proprietary web-based email engine CorpComCloud. Send us your list and we load it into our system for broadcast upon demand.

You’ll need an “opt-in” email list. You probably already have email addresses from:

  • Customers
  • Opt-in contacts generated by your sales staff
  • Subscribers and other contacts who have granted email permission

Email Marketing is Easy

  • Call your Corporate Communications Center account representative and we initiate the email
  • Or, start the email yourself from your browser
  • Template library for email style sheets
  • Utility to format messages in HTML
  • Easy, point-and-click queries to select names for broadcast

Our industry experience makes it easy to comply with Federal regulations on email marketing. Our broadcast engine automatically inserts the required opt-out address and compliance language.

The Many Benefits of Our Dallas Email Marketing Services

Email marketing is an important part of your overall marketing strategy. If it isn’t already, then we can help you develop a plan for the success of your business. Our professional email services are designed to reach out to customers and increase your sales.

Our professional staff will help you with an email marketing campaign designed just for your business. We will analyze your demographics and product to help you craft just the right message. Let us show you how email communications can make your company grow.

We have a variety of email tools to help you get started. Just upload your customer contacts list and do the rest. Once we have your contact list, then we integrate it into our system, making it possible to produce effective email blast campaigns. From there, our friendly employees will create an opt-in list so that your customers can receive offers, promotions and updates from your business. Also, let us show you how personalization can help your mailings get noticed!

We will also advise you about the legal details related to email marketing. For instance, it’s important to include an unsubscribe function in your emails to meet the Federal guidelines. Our templates make it easy for you or your employees to design new marketing emails, but if you need assistance we have knowledgeable customer service staff that are ready to help.

Customers love to receive emails that are personalized, and that’s one reason that email marketing is so effective. When you send an email to a customer, you have a chance to engage them, inform them about a new product or service, and build brand awareness and brand loyalty. Emails are perfect for sending coupons or loyalty discounts, and your customers will appreciate it too.

Let us help you do more with your email list and build your customer base with email marketing!

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We Manage Email Marketing with Professional Speed and Efficiency

Corporate Communications Center, Inc. was initially created for professional communicators who operate in demanding, corporate environments. We strive to help you reach target audiences quickly, efficiently, and accurately. Our mission is to handle the mechanics of your mail distribution.

When Speed Matters

We can help you with your same-day mass mailing project.