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Literature Fulfillment Services

Turn Literature Request Leads to Customers

Our literature fulfillment program can fulfill same-day requests of your company’s marketing materials, investor relations or employee benefits documents to individuals, branch offices or dealers. Visitors submit material requests via your company’s web site or by phone on an 800-number dedicated specifically to your company. Our fulfillment specialist reviews each order, assembles the requested documents and mails or ships them from our warehouse.

The online literature fulfillment system combines order entry software, order processing, label generation, warehousing, and an inventory report for your convienence. 

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Web-Based Request Form

A link on your company site connects visitors to a request form hosted on Corporate Communications Center web servers. Visitors can view the list of materials and documents, select the requested materials, then enter a name and mailing address for fullfilment. The system generates a picking order, a mailing or shipping label for our staff to fulfill the order same day.

Branch Office and Dealer Bulk Fulfillment

A secured, private web page can be created for authorized company employees or dealers to place “re-supply” orders of literature in bulk quantities. The system can process rules that define literature quanitity limits for specific locations. Shipments by USPS, UPS, FedEx and trucking common carriers are all available.

The service keeps you in the loop with online inventory balances and usage reports. An assigned Corporate Communications Center fulfillment specialist works closely with you on customer service issues and special requests.

800-Number Request Ordering

Callers can access an interactive voice system to hear a list of available document and record requests, names and addresses. Orders are entered into the system and fulfilled. In-house call operators are available during normal business hours. 

3 Great Reasons to Outsource Your Literature Fulfillment

As the benefits of literature fulfillment come more and more to light, businesses are employing this option for their printing, packing, and shipment needs. Below are some of the primary perks of hiring an outbound literature fulfillment firm.


No doubt a painstaking process, gathering an assortment of printed materials is time-consuming. Said items are likely scattered throughout the office, rendering the process wholly ineffectual. Not to mention that you and your staff probably have a lot of other tasks to take care of! Literature fulfillment services thrive on organization and efficiency, ensuring that operations run seamlessly and that the requested literature is on its way in no time.

Saves Space

Finding ample room to store large containers just isn’t feasible for some companies. In fact, most have to invest in a warehouse to house miscellaneous items. With assistance from a literature fulfillment service, there’s no need to worry about making space for bulky boxes.


The most prominent draw of working with a literature fulfillment service is that it’s a money-saving alternative. Since we know what materials are needed, we don’t overbuy. As a result, the companies we partner with save money.

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