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Direct Mail Services for the Insurance Industry

Many people know they need insurance but are unsure of where to get the best information about it. A direct mail campaign can be the perfect way to reach these potential customers. Using a personalized approach, you can put the information they need in their hands. Direct mail campaigns are an affordable, low-effort way to let prospective clients in a targeted area know about your services.

If you own an insurance company, direct mail marketing should be part of your marketing efforts because these campaigns often offer high response rates for a modest spend. No matter what type of insurance you sell – from auto insurance to life insurance to specialty insurance – we can help you with the right kind of direct mailers for your insurance product.

A direct mail marketing campaign also gives people in your target audiences a physical piece of marketing collateral that they can pass on to other qualified potential clients. Not sure where to find mailing lists that fit your needs? No problem: Dallas direct mail list acquisition is also part of our mailing services.

What Types of Direct Mail Pieces Do Insurance Companies Typically Use?

Insurance agents and companies have made use of many types of direct mail pieces. Flyers, brochures, postcards and letters are some direct mail advertising options our team can help design and mail to your desired audience. 

Tips for a Successful Insurance Direct Mail Campaign

Putting together a successful insurance direct mail marketing campaign requires considering several individual aspects, ranging from the typography to the colors. The larger the mail piece you want to send out, the more information you can include, but including lots of information isn’t always necessary.

Make your message as concise as possible while getting your points across. For instance, include your primary contact information, the services you offer and a call to action. Bullet points can help you fit a significant amount of information into as few words as possible. 

If you use an image, it must be clear, appropriate and relevant to your message. Try to keep the image as small as possible yet easily visible. 

Contact Us for a Quote

Contact Corporate Communications Center, Inc. when you’re ready to put together a successful insurance direct mail campaign that gets results and quickly reaches potential customers. Our team can help you through the process and is happy to answer any questions.