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Direct Mail Services for Financial Advisors & Banks

Thriving in the financial industry takes more than just offering higher interest rates for a savings account or lower interest rates for loans. People don’t take chances when it comes to money; they only do business with trustworthy financial institutions. You can win more potential clients when customers trust you, and direct mail marketing can instill trust and help you stand out.

If you’re in charge of marketing for a financial services company, read on to learn how a direct mail marketing campaign with Corporate Communications Center, Inc. can help you achieve your goals and reach more potential customers.

How Direct Mail Campaigns Work for the Financial Services Industry

Direct mail campaigns are a type of direct marketing that involves delivering brochures or catalogs to a targeted audience in order to generate interest in your product or service. With a database of names (which you can purchase from us), you send targeted messages about your product or service to each person on the mailing list. If you include a call to action, such as a phone number to call or a code to redeem, it’s easy to measure response rates and thus determine your ROI.

Creating direct mailers involves highlighting product benefits and sending them to customers likely to sign up. It’s also an opportunity for banks, financial advisors or mortgage companies to impress potential clients by creating professional-looking brochures. Personalizing these mailers helps build trust with your customers, making them likely to acquire your financial services or products.

Direct mail marketing materials can also help build brand recognition: Direct mail has a 90% open rate, and 75% of recipients easily recall the brands, making it an effective marketing strategy that potentially generates new business.

Types of Direct Mail Pieces

Financial companies print attractive double-fold or trifold brochures to advertise their products and services, such as credit cards or savings accounts. Postcards containing a list of products and their associated interest rates include a call to action asking the recipient to learn more about the product. Financial companies may also send letters to provide more details about specific products. The type of direct mail pieces to print depends on your goal and the nature of the information you need to share — you can use postcards for special offers or brochures to entice more customers to sign up.

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Our team at Corporate Communications Center, Inc. can help print and mail your direct mailers. We can also help you acquire new leads through our mailing list acquisition services. Get in touch with us for a quote on our financial direct mail services today.