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An Online List Platform, List Aquisition and List Enhancements

About CorpComCloud

A Web-Based Platform to Update Contacts, Organize Mailing Lists, and Manage Target Audiences

CorpComCloud, our proprietary on-line list management system, can maintain and prepare any acquired direct marketing lists  for instant personalized document printing and same-day mailing. Upload data exports from your in-house CRM system or use CorpComCloud as your primary marketing list tool.

CorpComCloud can be customized to save all the data fields you need – including standard CRM  and contact managment program fields like contact name, company name and address – as well as any user defined fields you need for your marketing campaign. Use CorpComCloud to hold and then update any purchased direct mail lists as well. Plus, it can be integrated with our postal software to incorporate zip code and address correction data directly from the correction software. 

Powered by Microsoft Azure, CorpComCloud keeps your direct mail lists safe, secure and ready for outbound personalized letter and card mass mail campaigns or email broadcast. 

CorpComCloud Database Features

  • Multiple contacts within an account
  • User defined fields, cascading pick-list fields
  • Calendar, appointments, reminders
  • Import and export lists
  • Administrator utilities for privileges and other functions
  • Comments and activity logging
  • One click wizard to embed database info into a word letter document
  • Nightly backup, encrypted logins, and firewall
  • Pop-up help screens
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Simplicity: Less is more!

CorpComCloud is both complete and concise. You can customize the account and contact screens to show only the data fields your company requires.

An Online IT Department

You will have an assigned list manager for help desk, assistance on complex query writing, and data entry. Your list manager can access your list for merge/purge, zip-code appending, postal discount processing, and special projects.

Literature Fulfillment Lead Capture Programs

Link your website to a request page, where visitors subscribe to opt-in email lists. Orders pass into CorpComCloud for mailing, alerting the follow-up person, and inventory reports. Fulfillment via your 1-800 number is available 24×7.

Export to Excel for Data Analysis

With an easy to use the export tool, you can have your data in an excel file in seconds.

Point-and-Click Query Filters

Non-technical users can build, name, and store filter queries with multiple fields and multiple selection criteria for reports, screen listings, and broadcasts.

Merge Contacts into Word

The ability to paste contact names and addresses into Microsoft Word letters and documents makes everyday correspondence with contacts easy and simple.

User-Defined Field Types

You can define new fields in a variety of types:

  • User-defined groups and sub-groups – an account or contact may be included in multiple groups, each with a checkbox. Just click on a checkbox to include the contact in the group.
  • User-defined value fields – for key entry by users. These include numeric, alpha-numeric, date, and user-defined fields.
  • Lookup fields – Cascading pick lists defined by the client.

CorpComCloud’s field selection and creation utilities are powerful and easy to use. Clients define their record layout for exactly what they need. You can eliminate the fields you don’t need and define new fields, whether click-box group-sub-group, autofill-pick-list, look-up, alpha, numeric, dollar or date.

Notes, History, Events Database

Enter free-form notes on contacts and accounts. You may define a “subject” drop-down pick-list that allows users to categorize their notes, ie. “phone call”, “meeting”, etc. CorpComCloud’s reminder feature will also alert you to make follow-up calls and meetings. Email and fax broadcasts are automatically logged in the history file for each contact for campaign management of future, date triggered broadcasts.

When Speed Matters

We can help you with your same-day mass mailing project.