Printing & Same Day Mass Mailing

Start Your Mailing Process Today…

…with our Automated, Same-Day Mail Service

You’ve done your homework and created a carefully-crafted message. Now, all you need is a same-day mass mailing service that can place it in front of readers. Corporate Communications Center provides accuracy, speed, and corporate credentials that will reach your target audiences right away. Some of these services include:

  • Same-day Mailing Service
  • Data Processing/Postal Discount Operations
  • Offset Printing
  • Personalized Laser Imaging
Same-Day Corporate Mailing Services

Your assignments are handled by the most experienced, professional staff in Dallas, Texas. Corporate Communications Center assists hundreds of corporations, agencies, and organizations when it comes to communicating with prospects, investors, and key contacts. All mail is processed through our centrally-located Dallas Office.

Save time and Meet the Budget

For rapid USPS delivery, our same-day mass mailing service is ideally located in central Texas for mail destinations nationwide.

Convenient Mailing Services:
  • Inkjet addressing in any font
  • Folding
  • Collating
  • Stitching/Stapling
  • Machine inserting
  • Hand inserting and assembly
  • Tabbing
  • Labeling
  • Stamp affixing
  • Sealing and metering service
  • Mailing indicia imprinting
  • Packaging/Boxing
  • Sorting
Variable Data Inkjet Addressing

Give your readers the best impression and add to your credibility by printing their names and addresses with high-resolution address printing. Inkjet addressing of envelopes, self-mailers, and publications can be done in a variety of fonts. Our high-speed inkjets can also apply your:

  • Return address
  • Company logo
  • USPS barcode
  • Marketing message line (Personalized or non-personalized)

Many fonts are available in san serif, serif, italic, and script. Please consult with us for the best readability and appearance for paper stocks and coating.

Folding and Tabbing

Our high-speed finishing includes letter folds, double folds, collated, and stapled-set folds, right angle folds, and z-folds on sheets up to 11×17. Hand folding is provided for unique custom pieces. High-speed machine tabbing is also available.

Machine and Hand Inserting

Speed large brochures, newsletters, and annual reports to recipients with the help of our catalog inserters. These machines handle materials up to 9 1/2 by 12 5/8 inch dimensions. Our letter inserters handle number 10 letter-size envelopes. Hand insertion is available for unusual size or shaped envelopes.

Metering, Preprinted Indicia, and Stamps

You have a full range of choices regarding how postage is applied. Most jobs run through our electronic meters. Pre-printed indicia allows you to deduct postage directly from your company’s postage permit account with the USPS. Or, you may use one of our permit numbers. For visual appeal, you may also have us apply stamps to your envelopes.

Press Kit Assembly

Print, collate, staple, fold, insert sheets, photos, cards . . . We do it all.

Bulk Shipments and Expediting

Counting, weighing, and packaging is done by an experienced shipping staff that coordinates delivery service, air express, and motor freight.

Shareholder Mailings

Public-company shareholder mailings are expedited with our catalog inserters and high-speed inkjet addressers. Confidentiality is guaranteed.

Notarized Disclosure Certificates

Developed for our public-company clients to prove disclosure, Corporate Communications Center notarizes a certificate of every mailing’s content, count, list source, and completion date.

Same-Day Offset Printing and Laser Imaging
  • One and two-color offset printing, including:  letterhead, envelopes, news releases, postcards, and financial statements.
  • Digital laser duplicating for short runs and print-on-demand
Offset Print, Collate, Fold and Saddle Stitch Newsletters

We provide one and two-color 11×17 offset printing for newsletters. Our in-line binding system collates, folds, saddle stitches, and trims for a uniform outside edge.