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Track Your Mail…

…With – USPS – “PLANETĀ®” – Code Delivery Reports

The United States Postal Service’s PLANET Code is a barcode technology that allows the Postal Service to track mail through the postal system. To use the system, we place an additional barcode on your mail pieces. As each mail piece goes through barcode sorters in postal facilities the barcode is read and enables the PLANET Code system to track the location of your mail as it travels from city to city. The USPS transmits the captured data to our system, which in turn generates delivery reports on your mail. For cost reasons, clients typically have us apply the tracking barcodes to a sampling of your mail, across all the zip codes you are targeting.

You can get real-time delivery reports with breakouts for:

  • Date
  • State
  • SCF (Section Center Facility)
  • BMC (Bulk Mail Center)
  • Zip Code
  • Maps showing percentage of deliveries to each region

Benefits include:

  • Coordinate mailings with newspaper advertising and telemarketing
  • Learn about delivery patterns in various regions
  • Determine when to send follow-up mailings
  • Know when prospects received their mail
Market Mail is a Service Offering of the USPS

Tell us the shape you have in mind and we will determine its acceptability with the Postal Service. Constraints include height, width, and thickness. An extensive set of USPS delivery procedures are involved and Corporate Communications Center has systematized the entire process.

  • Maximum height
  • Maximum width
  • Minimum thickness
  • Minimum Count
  • USPS Surcharge per piece
  • Sorting Requirements Batch and Priority Mail to destination post offices
Be Unique, Get Noticed

Not many advertisers or communicators are using this USPS-authorized service yet. Use it to get your message noticed. CCC will help.

Postage Consulting

Call Corporate Communication Center for Instant Advice

Complex U. S. Postal Service regulations offer both opportunities and pitfalls. Our account representatives are fully versed in classes of mail, sortation requirements, and permits. Describe your mailing or postal issues to us and we’ll tell you about the trade-offs of delivery time vs. cost and which regulations will affect your mailing. Often, we work directly with our Postal Service reps to determine the answers to complex postal situations that will affect your mailing.

Postal Guidance and Acceptance

Postal regulations are ever-changing. We’ll advise you on envelopes, weight, delivery dates, and the best postal classification to use for maximum savings. We provide advance inspection of your mail piece to meet postal regulations, prevent postage surcharges, verify permit numbers, and confirm accurate document insertion.

Postal discount software

Your mail will be out today! We do all the extensive documentation and sorting the Postal Service requires.

Direct Mail Consulting

Mail Piece Design to Improve Campaign Results

You want your direct mail to have an impact on readers, but you also want it to go through the mail preparation and USPS stages quickly and economically. Call us in the early stages of planning your direct mail campaign and we will give you advice on the proper envelope and card sizes by the Post Office. Also, you’ll probably want the highest level of automation possible, so we can guide you on envelope design and insert dimensions for compatibility with high-speed mechanized inserters. Choices of fonts, background reflectivity of addresses, address alignment, and paper stock can all affect the success of a mailing and our account representatives will provide immediate, expert advice.