Deliver a Personal Message to Your Recipients

Corporate communications center has the industry leading on-demand software to facilitate PURL campaigns. We have integrated it with our on-line list software and variable data laser printing software to provide communicators with a powerful integrated marketing tool

Build more effective direct mail campaigns with a personalized web address on each mailing piece. PURL’s (Personalized Universal Record Locator) lead to a recipient-specific web landing page that can be styled to match your mail piece.

Each recipient can use their unique web address to open their own personalized micro-website. This lets you reinforce your marketing message, provide feedback opportunities and open links to your main website.

  • Landing page graphics may match the look and style of your mail pieces
  • Data capture
    • Information on which respondents visited
    • Click throughs
    • Email addresses
    • Questionnaire responses
Integrated Marketing Made Easy
  • Variable data laser printing  for full color personalized mail pieces
  • Mass mail production – inserting, postal discount processing
  • PURL data handling – Creation of PURL addresses for mail pieces
  • Hosting of PURL landing pages
  • Data capture from visits
  • Email broadcasts – follow-up or as an initial outreach
  • Literature fulfillment from any resulting requests for mailed kits
  • Campaign management tracking – Contact database stores all dates of communication, email addresses and responses