Direct Mail Lists to Expand Your Prospect Base

Expand your prospect lists with new names for your marketing efforts. Corporate Communications Center’s works with several list vendor partners who can provide quick address counts that fit your marketing criteria.

Tell Us About the List You Need

The right direct mail list helps turn prospects into customers. We’ll help you analyze your existing customer list to determine its marketing characteristics. Then tell us about the new types of prospects your want to reach. Give us the geographic area desired and we will quickly generate counts of names that fit the profile. The right direct mail list helps turn prospects into customers.

Consumer lists:
  • Age, Income
  • Homeowner vs. non-homeowner
  • Length of residency
  • Various income and affluence indicators
  • Presence of children
  • Many other criteria are available
Business-to-Business Lists:
  • Type of business
  • Phone number
  • Revenue
  • Names of executives by title
  • Number of employees
  • SIC code
  • Public company, private company, subsidiary
  • Many other criteria are available
Lifestyle Lists

The direct mail industry has a vast variety of list sources. Lists can include publication subscribers and respondents to direct mail offers. Tell us a bit about your marketing plan, or product offer, and we will help you find the right list.

  • Purchasers of direct mail offers
  • Magazine subscribers
  • Contributors – charity, political, philanthropic
  • Compiled lists from legal and real estate filings
  • Many, many types of lists and list suppliers

Target Your Closest Prospects Using Radius Mapping

“Radius-mapped” direct mail lists supply prospects within a defined radius of a location. Drive your response rates higher by refining list when you use multiple selection criteria. By narrowing your audience to the closest geographic, demographic and interest profile, you’ll save on mailing and postage expense while increasing yield ratios. Corporate Communication Center can obtain lists for both consumer and business marketing that fit any demographic profile, business profile and location.

Adjust Counts by Expanding or Contracting the Radius

The number of prospects may be highly sensitive to the distance to the store or business location. Once we give you a count of the number of prospects resulting from your first radius specification, one mile for example, we can reduce the counts by going down to one-half mile, or expand the count by choosing a distance of two, three or more miles.

Combine Radius Mapping with Demographic and Lifestyle Selections

Focus your mailings on prospects with the highest propensity to buy by combining a variety of selection techniques:

  • Distance to your selling location in miles (radius)
  • Demographic selections (age, income, children, home value, etc.)
  • Lifestyle selections (interests determined from previous direct mail purchases, magazine subscriptions, opt-in special interest lists, etc.)