Follow-up Your Direct Mail Campaign with Opt-In Email Marketing

Email marketing campaigns are easy to integrate with direct mail programs using our web-based email engine at our Dallas-based servers. Send us your list and we load it into our system for broadcast upon demand.

Email Lists – Where Do You Start?

You’ll need an “opt-in” email list. You probably already have email addresses from:

  • Customers
  • Opt-in contacts generated by your sales staff
  • Subscribers and other contacts who have granted email permission

Build Your Email Marketing List From Visits to Your Website

Our CorpComContact list software is an ideal platform for opt-in email list building. The subscription module allows your website visitors to enter their email address to add it to your database. For extra quality, the system can generate a reply email to ask for a subscription confirmation. “Double opt-ins” give the highest level of recipient satisfaction.

Our CorpComContact list software makes it easy to create your email list:

  • Use of email capture language on direct mail and printed materials
  • Calls to your 800 number
  • Contacts made by sales
  • Rented email lists

Email Marketing Is Easy

  • Call your CCC account rep and we initiate the email
  • Or, start the email yourself from your browser
    • Template library for email style sheets
    • Utility to format messages in HTML
    • Easy, point-and-click queries to select names for broadcast

Email Marketing Features to Meet Regulations

We make it easy to comply with Federal regulations on email marketing Our broadcast engine automatically inserts the required opt-out address and compliance language.