Corporate Communications Center can fulfill literature requests through our centralized facility in Dallas, Texas. We can help you resupply branch and sales offices with bulk shipments of your sales literature. Visitors to your website can request the material online, or call a 1-800 number to request literature. Our same-day literature fulfillment service includes document picking, assembly, inserting and mailing – all within one business day.

  • Document warehousing
  • Bulk receiving/shipping of documents
  • Counting, weighing, packaging
  • Individual request fulfillments
  • Kit assembly with optional personalized cover letter
  • Inventory reports – online and paper-based
  • Online order status checking
  • Query engine to analyze request patterns
  • Order verification via email – to recipient
  • Lead notification via email – to sales rep or manager
Connect Your Web Site to our Literature Fulfillment Service

The Lead Management system can include our literature fulfillment service. We build a page listing the documents visitors click to request materials or join opt-in email lists. Orders flow into a data base using our CorpComContact software for mailing and notification. Multiple links may be maintained for internal, external and partner sites.

1-800 Number for Literature Fulfillment Requests

Callers can us our 24×7 inbound 1-800 number system to request literature. You can use an existing 800 number, or we can arrange a new number for you. We develop an automated script that lists the documents you make available and prompt the caller to leave their name, address and document selection. We transcribe the captured calls into the database for immediate fulfillment of the requested documents. Plus, the names captured may be automatically inserted into a stored database of names using our CorpComContact on-line list maintenance system.

Document Literature Warehousing

Our literature warehousing services in Dallas include pallet racking, in and out services, forklift loading, receipt of shipments by semi-truck, inventory control and reporting.

Web-based Reporting on Inventory and Order Status

CorpComContact, our web-hosted list management system, offers on-demand reports that keep you informed on the status of your Literature Fulfillment/Warehouse account. Counts of orders by region, sales office, document, date range or other factors are available online. All reports are available both in screen-view and paper output to your printer. Eleven types of reports are available including Quantity in Stock, Document Request Summary by month and quarter, Requests by Source of Order and Back Order Report.

Assigned Fulfillment Manager

Your assigned Corporate Communication Center fulfillment manager provides reports, data entry and special handling of your documents and materials. Your manager becomes an extension of your operation, familiar with your documents and distribution requirements.

Personalized Print-on-Demand Responses

Custom cover letters can be laser personalized for inclusion with literature kit fulfillments.

Corporate Programs; Branch Offices and Dealers

A custom fulfillment program keeps your branch offices or dealers in stock with current literature.

Digital Print-on-Demand of Documents for Fulfillment

Your news releases, flyers, price lists and bulletins can be stored electronically for digital printing on demand when you receive the literature request. This allows you to maintain a large document list without the need for physical warehousing.