Turn Literature Request Leads into Customers

You’ve invested in marketing and now you have web-visitors and callers. Our web-based lead capture forms and voice-interactive 1-800 lines pass new leads into a standardized, central database. Based on decision rules you establish, CorpComContact forwards the lead to the right assigned person. If the new lead has requested literature, our fulfillment department mails it in one day.

Lead Management – Our Solution for One Client:

Visits to the company web site result in requests for a company literature kit for a major manufacturer that high-value products to building supply outlets and builders. Additionally, a mixture of new leads and literature requests for existing leads come in from company sales people, retail outlets and suppliers.

Due to the expense and volume of literature involved, any bulk shipments to channel partners required authorization by one of several marketing administrators. Formerly handled by assistants using a variety of databases and spreadsheets and emails to a fulfillment center, a new integrated solution was built around CorpComContact.

The CorpComContact database streamlined the entire work-flow.

  • New leads are captured on a form on the company’s main web site
  • Sales personnel and channel partners visit an intranet web page to direct materials to existing customers and prospects
  • Entry of the salesperson’s password pre-populates much of the shipping data
  • Literature listings include document pictures for easy selection
  • Decision rule data is automatically included in new records
  • Optional email notifications may be sent to new leads and literature recipients.
  • Based on stored decision rules, leads are routed to the appropriate channel partner or salesperson
  • Approvals for bulk literature shipments are routed to the right manager based on a second set of decision rules
  • Sales personnel record their follow-up actions using CorpComContact
  • On-demand and scheduled reports are generated for marketing management for orders, inventory and routing assignment counts. Custom reports are available.
  • Utilizing the source, date, location and other data on the lead, mass follow-up campaigns may be conducted by email, laser personalized mail and mass mail.

Here’s what our client gained from the solution above:

  • More productive sales force – more and fresher leads
  • More customers – prospects received literature, then a sales person call.
  • Savings on literature – Lowered print quantities due to better inventory monitoring using online and paper-based reports.
  • Savings on staff time – An integrated system replaced a mix of separate databases and manual tasks.
  • Lead continuity – Leads became a part of an on-going marketing system, assigned to specific sales personnel
  • Better future results – Tracking helps plan new campaigns