Investor Relations Services

The CorpComContact web-based database application helps public-company investor relations departments maintain contact lists for email broadcast, same-day mailing of 10-Q reports, news releases and annual reports.

The investor relations version of CorpComContact has a record layout idealized to track:

  • Analysts
  • Brokers
  • Portfolio Managers
  • Bankers
  • Financial News Media
  • Trade Journals
  • Interested Investors

Database fields also specify which documents recipients want to receive:

  • 10K and 10Q Reports
  • Financial News Releases
  • Annual Report
  • Proxy Statement

Other fields may store “Peer” company names, institutional classification and portfolio size, investing style, shareholder vs. non-shareholder status, conference-call preference and other IR-specific data. CorpComContact’s Account/Contact structure allows companies to track multiple analysts and portfolio managers at each financial institution.

New names flow in from:

  • Analyst presentation road shows
  • Company executives
  • Web visits
  • 1-800 literature request calls

CorpComContact holds the list securely online for access by the investor relations and public relations departments for instant outbound communications on-demand:

  • Email news releases
  • Fax news releases
  • Offset print and mail 10k and 10Q reports
  • Mail annual reports and proxy statements
  • Individual literature requests
  • Annual list survey to allow opt-out

A variety of tracking reports keeps management informed. Multiple links may be maintained between Corporate Communication Center’s lead-capture and literature request service and the client’s internal and external audience web sites.


Investor Relations Package

CorpcomContact’s email marketing and broadcast capability allows you to expand news dissemination to meet SEC requirements by keeping the investing public informed about your developments. CorpComContact includes a module that may be linked to your corporate IR site. The email “join” module allows visitors to your site to subscribe to receive your news releases by email. The visitor keys in their name and email address, clicks a submit button and the name is entered into your CorpComContact database. We automatically tag the date of the subscription to give you evidence of the entry’s status as a “permission-based, opt-in” email address. With this list of interested investors in your IR database, you can send:

  • E-mail Broadcast – A simple post automatically broadcasts to the investor subscription list
  • Fax Broadcast
  • Personalized Laser Printed Letters
  • Same-Day Mass Mail

Your package also includes a link to our web site for same-day literature fulfillment of investor kits: annual report, 10K/10Q’s, news releases, etc. Our 800 number call center is available to supplement this fulfillment order stream.

Other services relevant to investor relations include:

  • Web site literature fulfillment link
  • 800 Number, Fax-on-Demand and Call Center applications
  • 10K and 10Q Offset Printing
  • Confidential compliance 1-800 hotline for submission of employee or insider concerns.
IR List Surveys

List surveys may be conducted to periodically eliminate out-of-date names. Our yearly list surveys purge your list of investors who no longer wish to receive your emails, identify analyst preferences for the method of delivery (email, fax, mail), identify the occupational status of list members (analyst, portfolio manager, broker, individual investor, etc.)

Audience surveys clean your list, identify its composition and determine what type of material your interested investors would like to receive. Corporate Communications Center handles the receipt of business reply cards, fax responses and email responses. We provide all the necessary keyboarding to in-process paper-based responses. An assigned list manager produces a complete printout and statistical summary of the list is provided both on paper and online.

Survey Benefits

  • Eliminate out of date names
  • Save on postage and printing
  • Identify the occupation of members of your list, i.e., analyst, broker, banker, etc.
  • Build permission based email lists
  • Identify what types of information recipients would like to receive – and how
    • Earnings and News via -Fax – Email – Mail
    • Annual Reports
    • 10K/10Q