Frequently Asked Questions



Q: Do you provide data entry for list updating?

A: Yes, each account is assigned a list manager for data entry, help desk for creating filter queries, and generation of special reports.

Q: Do you sell mailing lists or email lists?

A: Corporate Communication Center does not own or sell lists directly. We have affiliate relationships with major vendors of business and consumer lists. A complete range of list selections by demographics, zip code selection, and radius-mapping selections are available through these recommended third parties. Call our account representatives for information and costs.

Q: Does Corporate Communications Center provide fax number lists?

A: No. Fax lists are provided by our customers and must conform to Federal regulations which require that faxes only be sent to customers, members, and opt-in addresses. Call us for further information.

Q: How often do we back up our databases?

A: Nightly. We use off-site storage for data backup.

Q: Do we provide training on the CorpComContact list maintenance software?

A: Yes, although many users find that the software is very intuitive and can use it almost immediately without instruction. On-screen pop-up help menus are embedded throughout the software to address questions. A detailed printed manual is also provided for each new user. Additionally, help desk professionals are available during business hours, Monday through Friday.

Q: Do you provide storage of literature for fulfillment customers?

A: Yes. We maintain a complete, secure warehouse centrally-located in Dallas, Texas. Racks, shelves, and various equipment such as forklifts, delivery trucks, scales, and packaging equipment help us handle large volumes of annual reports, brochures, envelopes, etc.

Q: How do you ship literature requests?

A: United States Postal Mail, UPS, FedEx, international mail carriers and other suppliers are used. Typically, the client specifies how they want their material handled.

Q: Do you supply packing materials?

A: Corporate Communications Center provides boxes, bubble-wrap, sealing tape, padded envelopes, and other shipping materials on a per item cost basis.

Q: Do you fulfill orders for products?

A: Generally, no. Our fulfillment is limited to literature request and mailing activities. Posters, calendars, CD’s, tapes, and small promotional items can also be managed. We do not provide billing, invoicing, or collections services.

Q: Can you provide personalized cover letters for request orders?

A: Yes. Laser printed, personalized form letters may be generated to accompany literature request fulfillment orders. Email confirmation bulletins may also be sent to the person placing the request.

Q: How do you bill for your services?

A: We bill monthly for services rendered during the month just completed. CorpComContact is billed monthly based on the number of users. Printing and mailing are billed on a cost-per-thousand basis. Postage must be funded in advance or, upon approval, we will bill you at month end with a five percent surcharge. Literature fulfillment programs have a monthly fee for a website link, a monthly fee for any 800 numbers, and a per item fee for each literature request handled. Contact our office for a detailed estimate.

Q: How do we get started using CorpComContact?

A: Just call 888 760-6034 and speak with a sales account representative. Your list can typically be fully online with a customized record layout in just a few days. Manual data entry or clean-up of non-standardized lists may take longer.



Q: What is CorpComContact?

A: CorpComContact enables you to manage and customize your contact lists and communicate with select audiences via email marketing and broadcast, fax broadcast, same-day mass mailing, and personalized laser letter printing.

Q: Is CorpComContact compatible with my current computer system?

A: CorpComContact is web-based so all you need is a web browser and an internet connection to access your database. At this point, CorpComContact requires internet explorer 5.5 or better.

Q: How do I get a CorpComContact account?

A: Please contact our sales department at 888-760-6034 or

Q: How can I access my CorpComContact account?

A: It is easily accessible at via our website. You are given a login name and password when the account is created.

Q: How long will it take to get my CorpComContact account setup?

A: You can have access to your CorpComContact account on the same day.

Q: What kind of help-desk support is available for CorpComContact?

A: Phone and email support are available Monday-Friday from 7 am to 6 pm central time.

Q: What distribution methods are available for my literature?

A: You can distribute information via email, fax, same-day mass mail, and personalized laser-letter

Q: How many different users can I have for my CorpComContact account?

A: Our basic package allows up to five users. Please call for the pricing of additional users. CorpComContact is scalable and can accommodate any number of users.

Q: How secure is the information in my CorpComContact account?

A: Your information is stored in a database management system sitting behind a corporate firewall.

Q: What measures are taken to backup my information in the event of a disaster?

A: We perform full backups of your CorpComContact information to tape media every night. Backup tapes are stored offsite on a monthly basis.

Q: Is there an evaluation version of CorpComContact available?

A: Please contact our sales department at 888-760-6034 to arrange a live demonstration.

Q:  Can I create custom reports?

A: CorpComContact offers a large number of reports that can be augmented using your own filters to refine them to your requirements.

Q:  What kind of filters can I apply to my contacts?

A: CorpComContact offers a versatile filter creation tool to build, name and store selection definitions. This allows you to sort and refine your data according to any field or combination of fields available in your database.

Q:  How can I keep track of the results of my broadcast?

A: A detailed record of the results of your broadcast if available immediately after the completion of your job. It shows all the successful completions and all the failed attempts, along with the reason for each failure.