Multi-stage marketing activities occurring over a time span can involve email broadcasts, fax broadcast, direct mail, response tracking, database updating and triggered responses. Combined email and direct mail campaigns typically generate response rates exceeding either medium used alone. However, tracking of responses to generate appropriate triggers for subsequent messaging can be difficult. CorpComContact makes it easy.

  • Customize or add fields to hold special campaign data
  • Add and track source of lead data, category, territory, etc.
  • Automatically update contact records for each email, fax or direct mail piece sent, including date and subject
  • Easy selection filters to target email broadcasts
  • Date trigger announcements
  • Track email and fax results
  • Track mass mail and laser letter campaigns
  • Trigger future broadcasts based on time intervals or contact record information
  • Integration with lead capture systems
  • Segment programs by sales person, region or channel partner
  • Extensive on-screen and paper based reporting on results, physical document inventories and status
Email Template Libraries

Email campaign management facilitates the storage, customization and audience selection for a series of broadcasts.

  • Template library for email style sheets
  • Utility to format messages in HTML
  • Variable insert data

Clients may maintain a library of document templates for their email publications. For example, one template might hold the format for the quarterly newsletter, another for news release announcements and another for survey forms.

Simplified Database Record Layout for Opt-in Email and Fax

Using a point-and-click utility, CorpComContact can show relevant fields only. For example, for a special promotion a client might program their record layout to show only the name, email address and selection codes on data entry screens, thus speeding training and data entry.

Event-Driven Email Marketing

Opt-in leads from your website flow into the CorpComContact database for email generation triggered by dates or queries. A browser tool lets you load new documents, format the text into HTML, initiate broadcasts and track readership.

Email Broadcast Features to Meet Regulations

We make it easy to comply with Federal regulations on email broadcast. Our email broadcast engine on Dallas-based servers  prompts users through entry of the proper opt-out address and compliance language.

Auto-Update Option for List Members

A CorpComContact option lets list members update their profile. A secure methodology lets them update their address, email, phone numbers and document preferences. This helps keep your list up-to-date and eliminates individuals who prefer to be removed.

Broadcast Journaling

Email broadcasts are journalized. If a contact from the database is targeted in an email broadcast, the record is annotated with the date and title of the email. Over time, this allows you to review the history of all campaigns directed to a contact.