“Radius-mapped” direct mail lists supply prospects within a defined radius of a specific location. Drive your response rates higher by refining your address list selections with multiple criteria. By narrowing your audience to the closest geographic, demographic and interest profile, you’ll save on mailing and postage expense while increasing yield ratios. Corporate Communications Center can obtain lists for both consumer and business marketing that fit any demographic profile, business profile and location.

Business-To-Business Lists:
  • Type of business
  • Revenue
  • Number of employees
  • SIC code
  • Public company, private company, subsidiary
  • Many other criteria are available
Consumer Lists:
  • Age, Income
  • Homeowner vs. non-homeowner
  • Length of residency
  • Various income and affluence indicators
  • Many other criteria are available
Here’s One Example:

Our data processing department merged high-income prospect lists from several sources for use in a direct mail campaign kicking off a luxury development. Prospect names within a specified radius of the development that matched income and home-ownership requirements were obtained. The lists were stratified into a grid to reflect VIP, high-income and demographic mixes. The grid was used to dictate the type and frequency of various mailings. The grid helped our client make sure the highest-ranked prospects received the highest level of personalization and graphic content.

Inventory tracking informed the client on available quantities of expensive documents ranging from four color cardboard reproductions of the building, fold-out floor plans, translucent envelopes, three types of four color brochures and other collateral. Mailing stages were coordinated with telemarketing programs conducted by the client. This multi-phase marketing effort proved very successful in a rapid sell-out of this major development.

Event Registration
  • Collect RSVP’s and maintain a running count of registrations
  • The full scope of CorpComContact is used in event registration
  • Outbound invitations – offset print, laser personalize and mail
  • Web link to your site
  • Collect RSVP’s through the web link and 1-800 number
  • Online database – Responses are collected in CorpComContact
  • Auto-updating by list members
  • Opt-in and Opt-out
  • Notification services
  • Invitation printing and mailing
Survey Your Audience

Learn more about your audience and keep your list up-to-date. CorpComContact’s survey module facilitates building of questionnaire and automatic, online tabulation of responses. Surveys may be delivered by email, fax, mail, web-visit and 1-800 phone response. The CorpComContact database is updated with survey information and dates for use in integrated marketing programs.

  • Build opt-in email and fax lists
  • Generate marketing information
  • Eliminate out of date names
  • Save on postage
  • Determine which documents people want to receive