File Transfer

It’s easy to get your list to us for processing. Send us your address list via email, through cloud based file transfer applications, or directly to our Dallas location by flash drive or CD-Rom. Our programmers process mail lists in all common file formats: ASCII, Excel, Word, Access, ACT and many others.

Merge/Purge, De-dupe and Suppression Services

Various mail processing services include merge/purge software to process the combined lists and identify and eliminate duplicates. We find duplicates using any fields you wish. We can save you money on postage when we Process your mail list with Merge/Purge software to find undeliverable or duplicate addresses. We can also use the software to suppress the names of existing customers from mailings sent to new prospects.

List Conversion Service – Combine and Process Multiple Lists for Mailings

Mailing lists from multiple sources can vary greatly in record layout and data consistency which could negatively impact your mailing delivery rate. If you have several address lists, our mail processing services will normalize the fields into a consistent database layout in a single file.

Software to convert CAPS to Upper & Lower Casing and Genderization

Mail processing services include an extensive software library that can help identify first name genders an address list, process them with proper gender salutations, change all upper case lists into proper upper-lower casing for better appearance, which help get higher response rates.

List Management Services

Your mailing list can be stored online with CorpComContact, our exclusive web-based address application. Online access means you can schedule a mailing to go out the same-day without any advance notification to our Dallas office. Our CorpComContact software is available online for address searches, or; additions, deletions and changes to the list. We assign a List Manager to your account who is always ready to assist you with data entry, and query selections.  Our exclusive CorpComContact software is a full-featured hosted CRM solution.