Cell phones, business phones and home phones are all so universal that you’ll want to include voice access to your lead capture, literature fulfillment and survey offerings.

Industry standard Voice XML lets us build custom applications that enable your customers, corporate followers and in-house staff to use spoken words and interactive voice menus to request product literature, respond to surveys and hear subject-specific messages. Other data collection objectives are also possible; just tell us what you need.

Your inbound 1-800 number is powered by voice recognition, script-branching, database look-ups and speech playback. Using Voice XML we program scripts to handle literature requests, surveys and queries into the CorpComContact database for phone numbers and addresses.

This gives you another channel to capture lead flow from advertising and marketing activities on a 24×7 basis. Our data entry staff keyboards recorded data from these calls to integrate with leads from your web site into a single, streamlined marketing workflow.

“1-800” Numbers to Assist Your Audience in Many Ways
  • Respond to email, mail and fax surveys
  • Hear a list of documents made available by mail fulfillment
  • Respond to mass market advertising campaigns
  • Place themselves on an email or mail list (opt-in, or opt-out)
  • Capture literature requests
Phone Access to Database by Voice Recognition

Your in-house users of CorpComContact may dial a dedicated 800 number, say their PIN number and speak a contact or company name. Our system looks it up in CorpComContact and speaks back the phone number an address. All in one call, even from your cell phone!

Survey Response Collection via 800 Number

Increase survey response rates by adding phone responses to your survey. Flexible, branching scripts allow us to model the survey to get the same information generated in web-form and paper based surveys. Capture of keypad entries go directly into the database. Captured voice recorded information is key entered by our staff. Results and tabulations may be viewed on line.

Voice Capture Case Sample

For a major charity a 24×7 toll-free 1-800 number is programmed in VoiceXML to provide programmed responses to calls resulting from radio and newspaper advertising. All phone responses are captured in voice files for data entry into the client’s CorpComContact database. Personalized letters and kits are generated mailed on a daily basis.